For High School Students

Interested in Anthropology?Highschool

Very few high schools offer anthropology courses. If you are currently a secondary student considering Anthropology as a college major, the courses you might take now to prepare you will vary depending on your particular school and the branch of Anthropology you are interested in.

Anthropologists study culture, a human trait at once very basic and extremely variable. This prepares them to work in the many settings where culture -- human beliefs, actions and social relations -- plays a crucial role.

There are widely available high school courses which will get you started in the study of anthropology -- any foreign language, any world geography or social studies class, and many biology and history courses will introduce you to anthropological content or expose you to another culture.

Just as importantly, biology, geology, geography and foreign languages will provide you with tools which will serve you well later in the study of one or another field of anthropology.

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