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Alexandra Martin

Email: [[e|agmartin]]
Year entered: 2008
Degree sought: PhD
Research interests: Native Americans of the Eastern U.S., Ethnohistory, Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Memory & Place, Contemporary Heritage Politics
Regional specialization: Northeastern United States


Alix completed her BA in Anthropology from Mount Holyoke College in 2005.  She then worked as an archaeologist and lab manager for the University of Vermont's Consulting Archaeology Program.  She completed her MA at William & Mary in 2010, writing a thesis entitled "Federal Recognition Politics and Collaborative Archaeologists: The Need for a Cultural Consensus."  Alix has experience at pre-contact and historical sites throughout New England, as well as in the Caribbean, the Southwest, colonial Virginia, and historic Alabama, but she has returned to New England for her dissertation research. 

She currently is working with the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office on a project that seeks to survey, map, and protect ceremonial stone landscapes that have held sacred significance for the Narragansett for thousands of years.  She also is the co-owner/co-founder of a company called Ceremonial Landscapes Research, LLC, a group that works with federally recognized Tribes in New England on Section 106 consultation projects. 

Alix is also the Museum Archaeologist at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH, where she and her field school students recently uncovered a mikveh, or Jewish ritual bath, used by the early 20th century Jewish immigrant community of Portsmouth.