Chardé Reid

Year entered: 2017
Degree sought: MA / PhD
Email: [[e|lcreid01]]
Research interests: African Diaspora studies, community-based archaeology, historic archaeology, cultural heritage studies, African American material and expressive culture, race and racism, women and gender studies, digital storytelling, materiality, memory and identity, GIS and spatial analysis, heritage landscapes, ethics and politics of archaeology, funerary archaeology, historic preservation.

Chardé has experience in collections management, compliance review, cultural resource management, and community-based archaeology. Chardé received her B.A. in Archaeology in 2009 from the George Washington University. Before coming to William & Mary, Chardé served as the Assistant City Archaeologist for the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office for seven years.  She is proficient in ArcMap GIS and uses it to manipulate and analyze data to create maps to solve problems and answer questions. Chardé served as the co-field director of the Yarrow Mamout Archaeological Project (recipient of a SHA Gender and Minority Affairs Committee’s inaugural Mark E. Mack Community Engagement Award and a 2017 DC Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation) and the Stanton Road Archaeological Project, both in Washington, DC. She has a wide range of archaeological field experience, having worked on archaeological sites in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and Athens, Greece. She is interested in the relationship between landscape and memory in historically Black spaces. Chardé's M.A./Ph. D. research will focus on the intersection between race, identity, cultural landscapes, and materiality through community-based archaeology.