Nick Belluzzo

Year entered: 2015
Degree sought: PhD
Email: [[e|nrbelluzzo]]
Research Interests: Geographic information systems (GIS); remote sensing; computational archaeology; landscape analysis; Hawai'i; Oceania; community archaeology; historic preservation

Nick obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History from Boise State University where he combined archival research and underwater archaeology to reconstruct a history of an inundated late 19th-century dam site in Idaho. Subsequently, he received a Master of Arts (with Distinction) from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London where he focused on leveraging GIS to manage tangible and intangible heritage in the Republic of Palau. Before attending the College of William & Mary, Nick worked in cultural resource management in California and historic preservation in Hawai'i. Nick’s PhD research focuses on modeling the expansion and intensification of the Kona Field system on the island of Hawai'i.