Kelley (Walter) Berliner

M.A. conferred: 2012
Email: kelley[dot]berliner[at]gmail[dot]com


Kelley Berliner completed her BA in Anthropology from the University of Toronto in 2005. In the following year she worked as an archaeologist in the field of Cultural Resource Management and became involved with the Port Tobacco Archaeology Project, kindling an interest in public archaeology. She used her outreach work from this project as the focus of her M.A. thesis at William and Mary, which explored pragmatist theory, collaborative archaeology, and stakeholder engagement.

After completing her coursework Kelley worked as the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Project. This is partnership between the City of Niles, Michigan and Western Michigan University dedicated to uncovering the remains of Fort St. Joseph which was predominantly a fur trading post in the 1700s. The project emphasizes excavation and public outreach.

Kelley has experience conducting excavations and data analysis on both historic and prehistoric sites, predominantly in the northeast U.S. She also has explored the use of social media in promoting archaeology and connecting to the public. Currently she is the Eastern Regional Field Representative at The Archaeological Conservancy, the only national nonprofit dedicated to acquiring and preserving archaeological sites. She is based in Frederick, MD, but her post covers properties from Maine through North Carolina.