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Tomoko Hamada Connolly


Office: Washington Hall 123
Email: [[thamad]]
Phone: 757-221-1060

Areas of Specialization

Cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, management strategies; Japan, East Asia


I am an active applied anthropologist, and am interested in the anthropological practice-theory relationship. The primary focus of my research has been the culture of complex organization. I have carried out fieldwork on multinational corporations in Japan, China, South Africa, Spain and the United States. I am particularly interested in global team development, deployment of information technology, and collaborative learning in multinational settings. For example, I have studied how the meaning of quality defined by a multinational company has shifted from the total-quality-control concept of customer-satisfaction to that of corporate environmentalism. At present, I am editing a number of articles on the human dimensions of global change for the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life-Support Systems (EOLSS) that embodies the spirit of  science for sustainable development  as promulgated in the UN Agenda 21. I am also writing a manuscript on anthropology of business organizations.


PhD UC Berkeley 1980