We're Appealing...

...and not just when we're in our bathing costumes!  We're asking one and all, near and far, alums and friends, to help the Department of Anthropology purchase a working/examination microscope.

The type of scope we 1950s Leitzneed costs $2-4 thousand, depending on bells and whistles.  Want to help us out?

At left you can see the Department's 'best' microscope, a 1950's era Leitz.  As you can also see, it's recently experienced the loss of an eyepiece -- not a good development for a scope.  Nearly twenty years ago a Leitz technician who saw this microscope being used in the field begged us to donate the scope to their museum (and that's no joke!)  You can help that frustrated technician's dream to come true!  Just click on 'Support Anthropology" in the main menu and make the notation 'Microscope' in the comments section when you donate.  We'll let you know how our appeal works out -- if we don't raise enough for the scope, your dollars will still go to support undergraduate and graduate research.