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Grad Students Shine at Tenth Annual Graduate Research Symposium
Research and the Anthro Undergrad

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Dear friends:

       Many of you have given generously to our program over the years, and we thought you'd like to know what we do with the funds we receive.  The Altshuler Fund, named for our esteemed colleague Nathan Altshuler, provides summer funding for undergraduate research (for profiles of this year's awardees, see our story in this issue).  This fund puts the Anthropology Department at the forefront of William and Mary's efforts to increase undergraduate research in the twenty-first century and spotlights our outstanding Anthropology majors.  Other gifts go to support guest lectures, and other special events such as the Brafferton Legacy Project.  We also use the funds to purchase equipment, including cameras and tape recorders.  Plans for future expenditures for which support is always welcome include the purchase of microscopes, electronic calipers, scales, and laboratory computers.  We hope soon to inaugurate a Distinguished Lecture Series in Historical Archaeology as well.  These efforts, we think you'll agree, will further enhance our research, our teaching, and our reputation.  Thank you very much for your help in making our program a success.

Kathleen J. Bragdon
Professor and Chair