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Chair's Letter

The Anthropology Department is part of a multi-faceted happening known as the Brafferton Project
Dr. Barbara King Blogs at NPS
The Department welcomes two new visiting professors this year, Dr. Miriam Belmaker and Dr. Shanti Morell-Hart.  Here we introduce Dr. Belmaker -- check back for a profile of Dr. Morell-Hart in the Spring!
Bermuda Field School searches for enslaved mariners


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Dear Alums and Friends,

Here's our newsletter to fill you in on a few happenings in the life of the Anthropology Department.

Thanks to all alumni who braved the parking confusion over this year’s Homecoming parade. We enjoyed the chance to connect again and catch up!

Thanks also for your continuing support of the department’s work, through your participation and your gifts supporting graduate and undergraduate research. This year students traveled to study collections, do archaeology, and visit museums and libraries. Your generosity helps make this travel, and this research, possible.

As the end of the year approaches, we remind you that we have many other needs and projects worthy of your support. To name a few: microscopes and other lab equipment, lecture funds, and summer research travel funds. If you are interested in supporting any of these, you can make a donation online  or note “Anthropology 2960” on your check and contribute by mail. We appreciate your support!

We hope your holidays are most pleasant, and that your New Year is exciting and productive.

Sincerely yours,
Kathleen J. Bragdon

Professor and Chair, Anthropology Department
College of William and Mary