Tom Trovato Retirement Party

Tom and Valerie Surprised!Tom Trovato, Office Manager of the Anthro Department for the last six years, was feted at a retirement party on May 1st in the Anthro Department.  The whole department, graduate students and a clutch of undergrads were on hand to help remember Tom's tenure.  Arriving at a time of severe fiscal confusion, Tom's steady hand has guided the department through the administrative and accounting undergrowth ever since.  Tom received gifts both gag and serious, topped with a ticket to the Charlotte Speedway to take the wheel of a Ferrari F430 later this summer (0-100 in 8.9 seconds!) -- his enthusiasm for old, lovingly restored cars will have to make way for some respect for this latest model.  Tom returned the compliment, telling the assembly "I was lucky to save the best for last, to have my favorite job at the end!"Tom is ready for the Raceway!