Grad Student Notes

PhD student Andrew Beaupre is the recipient of an award of $6000 from the Association Internationales des Etudes Quebecoises.  The award will go to support Andrew's on-going research in the 'borderlands' between the U.S. and Quebec.  Andrew also gave a paper at this year's Society for Historical Archaeology meetings in Leicester, UK and at the Graduate Research Symposium. A Beaupre
PhD student Sarah Chesney has been named a 2013 Research Fellow by the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science, which promotes public and scholarly understanding of the multitude of ways in which science, technology, and medicine shape our lives.  The title of her research is The Fruit of Their Labors: Exploring William Hamilton’s Greenhouse Complex and the Rise of American Botany in Early Federal Philadelphia.  Sarah also presented a paper at this year's SHA meetings in Leicester. S. Chesney
PhD student Alix Martin has received the Frances Mary Hazen Fellowship from Mount Holyoke College, in the amount of $5500.00.  The award will support her on-going dissertation research.
Alix Martin
M.A. Laura Buchanan Masur has been awarded the Distinguished Master's Thesis Award in the Social Sciences by the William and Mary Graduate Studies Advisory Board for her thesis, Virginia Indians, NAGPRA, and Cultural Affiliation: Revisiting Identities and Boundaries in the Chesapeake.  The award comes with a handsome cash prize. Congratulations Laura! Laura Masur
PhD student Hayden Bassett (Advisor: Dr. Neil Norman) received a Carl Strikwerda Award for Excellence in the Humanities and Social Sciences at this years Graduate Research Symposium, for his paper titled: Subterranean Architecture in Early Virginia: An Analysis of Below-Ground Structures from Jamestown, Flowerdew Hundred, and Martin's Hundred. H. Bassett
M.A. student Madeleine Gunter (Advisor: Dr. Martin Gallivan) received an Honorable Mention at this year's Graduate Research Symposium for her paper titled: Memorialization in Early Medieval Ireland: A Quantitative Study.
PhD student Jessica Herlich received an Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring in the Humanities and Social Sciences at this year's Graduate Research Symposium.  Students of Dr. Morell-Hart's paleoethnobotany classes know just why she was honored! J. Herlich
The 2013 meetings of the Society for Historical Archaeology were held this year in Leiscester, U.K.  A number of grad students and alumni presented at the conference, and Jenna Carlson and Carl Carlson-Drexler co-chaired a session at which both presented papers.  Among those students presenting papers were Andrew Beaupre, Stephanie Bergman,, Sarah Chesney, Christine Heacox, Amanda Johnson and Mark Kostro.  To learn more about their papers, consult the SHA confeence program.
As has been the case recently, Anthropology Department grad students played a large role in the most recent Graduate Research Symposium, sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Graduate School and now in it's 12th year.  Anthro grad students Konrad Antczak, Brittany Brown, Ellen Chapman, Amanda Johnson, Laura Masur, Derek Miller and Maxwell Werner gave papers at this year's sessions, in addition to the prize winners noted above. To learn more about their papers, please consult the GRS program.