Point Counterpoint

Exhibition Dates: September 8- October 6, 2011
Exhibiting Artists: Ed Mayer, Wendy Lewis, Roger Bisbing, Sharon Massey, Matt King, Betty Jacobsen, Ann Chuchvara, Josh George, Michael Oatman, Colin Boyd, JoAnne Carson, Jessica Scott-Felder, Suzy Kunz, LB Thompson, Joshua Poteat, and Ruth Stanford.


Ed Mayer, ‘Group 3 - #7’,    21 x 30,  Transfer Drawing on Rives BFK, 2011

















Wendy Lewis, ‘Naughty and Nice’
















Roger Bisbing, ‘Lecture ‘(detail), 3 x 33 x 38, brass, cast bronze, aluminum plate












Sharon Massey, ‘Party Wall II: Brighton Road, Northside’, 3 x 3 x 1, steel, fabric, copper, brass, nickel, & wood, 2011












Matt King, 'Atlas' 10 x 23 x 54 inches, hydrocal, steel, & paint, 2011

















Betty Jacobsen, ‘MOM #62’, 10 x 8, embossed paper, photos, sewing thread, 2010

















Ann Chuchvara, ‘Link’, approximately 19W x 68L, Handcut acetate, tape, pins, 2011

















Josh George, ‘Rub a Dub Dub, Don't Slip in the Tub’,  16 x 12 mixed media on wood panel













Michael Oatman, ‘Appleseed’, 2009.  Antique book cuttings and spray paint on board.  97

















Colin C Boyd, ‘H. Coal Harris: Wilderness Hermit’, 7













JoAnne Carson, ‘Flirting with Disaster’, 30 x 24, Oil on Canvas, 2011
















Suzan Kunz, ‘Turnberry Blub’,  15 x 20, Digital C Photograph, 2010












Jessica Scott-Felder, ‘Untitled Gold No. 2’, 24 x 36inches, 2010