East Meets Midwest: New Visions of Figurative Painting

Exhibition Dates: January 26 - February 17, 2011
Exhibiting Artist(s): Simon Carr, Timothy King, John Goodrich, Ruth Miller, Thaddeus Radell, Stanley Lewis, Don Beal, Henry Finkelstein, Ying Li, Al Kresch, Mark LaRiviere, Megan Williamson, Michael Neary, Ron Weaver, Bob Brock , Jeremy Long, Philip Hale, Glen Cebulash, Don Southard, Lynette Lombard



This survey brings forward two groups of artists united by a visual sensibility and an enthusiasm for traditions of painting. This sensibility is one of engagement and fascination with the world around us: how we see it, experience it, feel it deeply through form and color. The pursuit through painting and drawing of the mysteries of the visual world is indeed an existential experience illuminated by historical precedents. To these two contemporary groups of artists, tradition” is never a limit nor a restraint, but liberation–a constant source of renewal.

–John Goodrich

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