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Not an American Studies Major?

The American Studies program engages students in examination of the culture and society of the United States, past and present.  Many students find that exploring different topics in American Studies gives them a greater understanding of the complexities behind the American way of life. 

Several courses offered by American Studies allow students to explore the subject while also satisfying degree requirements.  Several freshman seminars that fulfill the Freshman Writing Requirement are available, and General Education Requirements (GERs) may be satisfied by taking courses listed below:

  • AMST206. Black Pop Culture in Americas (GER 4C, 5)
  • AMST341.  Artists & Cultures (GER 4C)
  • AMST201.  Amer Pop Cul/Modern  America (GER 4A)
  • AMST203.  Intro to American Studies (GER 4A and 5)
  • AMST271.  American Popular Music (GER 4A)
  • AMST273.  Jazz (GER 4A and 5)
  • AMST240. History of Modern Dance (GER 5)
  • AMST 241. Hist American Vernacular Dance (GER 5)
  • AMST343.  American Ethnic Lit & Culture (GER 5)