Major in American Studies

Student majors follow a flexible and rigorous course of study as they build their course of study in close consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Core courses offered by the American Studies Program comprise roughly half of the major requirements; the remaining courses come from disciplines such as history, literature, anthropology, art history, sociology, gender/sexuality/women's studies, and Africana studies.  Usually in the senior year, students work with a faculty member on an extended project of the student's own design.  While each student's course of study is unique, they have regular opportunities to enter into the community of American Studies scholars both at the College and nationwide, sharing research and ideas with their peers and faculty at public talks, colloquia, and seminars.

Majors take a minimum of 37 credit hours, of which at least 24 must be in courses numbered 300 and above, in approved courses on American topics distributed among the following areas:
  1. AMST 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, or 209 (4 credits);
  2. at least 6 approved credits in History;
  3. at least 9 approved credits from English, Art and Art History, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Modern Languages, Music, and Theater, Speech, and Dance (AMST 343, 350, 421, 422, 445, 451 may be used to fulfill this area);
  4. at least 6 approved credits from Anthropology, Economics, Government, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology (AMST 341, 423, 434, and 435 may be used to fulfill this area);
  5. AMST 370 (4 credits);
  6. two topics courses, AMST 470 (6 credits);
  7. one semester of independent study or a two semester honors project (2-6 credits) or AMST 410.

The major computing requirement will be fulfilled by AMST 370. The major writing requirement may be fulfilled through satisfactory completion of two of the following courses: AMST 370, 423, 435, 445, 470.

In order to declare your major in American Studies, you must complete this worksheet (pdf) as well as the Registrar's Declaration of Major form (pdf).  Complete the form with both the courses you have already taken as well as courses you plan to take.  These forms must be signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  If your plans change, file an updated worksheet.  Also, whether your course of study has changed or not, you must annually update your worksheet is in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and you must take a copy of the updated worksheet to the Registrar’s office.