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Approved Courses

Courses from other departments or programs approved for the AMST major

This list is intended for use as a general guide for course selection. It is not to be considered definitive, as course offerings arc constantly reevaluated. If you have questions about whether or not a specific course applies to the concentration, please see the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Courses marked with an * are approved only when the topics covered are substantially relevant to American Studies and are subject to approval by the DUS. There may be courses which you encounter across campus which are not listed here but which you may feel are relevant to an American Studies major; you are invited to bring these course syllabi to the DUS for major/minor credit consideration.

In choosing your courses, note that no more than 13 credits in courses numbered  below 300 may be applied to the concentration.

Courses that meet the ALV requirement (6 credits required).

Courses that meet CSI requirement (6 credits required).

Other Recommended Courses - with permission from the department's Undergraduate Director, these may meet requirements for major. 

Courses that Meet the ALV Requirement for American Studies
  • AMST 202 - Cinema & the Modernization of US Culture
  • AMST 209 -  Race, Literature and the Law: Interracialism
  • AMST 211 -  The Age of Soul: Jazz, R&B, Rock n Roll in American Life
  • AMST 212 -  Gender and Digital Culture
  • AMST 271 -  Popular Music in the United States
  • AMST 273 -  History of Jazz
  • ARTH 330. Topics in Art History*
  • ARTH 375. Cities in the Modern Middle East
  • ARTH 383. Twentieth-Century American Art
  • DANC 220. History of Modern Dance
  • ENGL 207. American Literature: Themes and Issues
  • ENGL 371. Topics in American Literature*
  • ENSP 302. Philosophic History of American Environmentalism
  • HISP 207. Culturas de in(ex)clusión en el mundo hispánico
  • HISP 380.  Masterworks: Issues in Canon Formation
  • MUSC 241. Worlds of Music
  • MUSC 271. Popular Music in the United States
  • MUSC 273. History of Jazz
  • MUSC 363. Interdisciplinary Topics in Music*
  • THEA 332. Sex, Race, Plays & Films, Dramatizing Diversity*
Courses that Meet the CSI Requirement for the American Studies
  • AFST 205. Introduction to Africana Studies
  • AMST 203 -  Introduction to American Studies: American Medicine: A Social and Cultural History
  • AMST 210 -  Utopia in the Americas
  • ANTH 324. Native People of the American Southwest
  • ANTH 325. Native  People of the Great Plains
  • ARTH 330. Topics in Art History*
  • ARTH 375. Cities in the Modern Middle East
  • ARTH 383. Twentieth-Century American Art
  • ENGL 371. Topics in American Literature*
  • HIST 220. Williamsburg Colonial and Revolutionary
  • HIST 224. Southern Cultures: Field Holler to Nascar
  • HIST 226. The American West since 1890
  • HIST 235-236. African-American History
  • HIST 237-238. American Indian History
  • RELG 346. Religion, the State, and American Politics
  • RELG 347.New Religious Movements in America
  • SOCL 304. Gender in Society*
  • SOCL 308. Environmental Sociology*
  • SOCL 361. Social Movements and Social Change*
  • SOCL 363. Sociology of Religion*
Other Recommended Courses
  • AFST205. Introduction to Africana Studies
  • AFST 306. Topics in Africana Studies*
  • AFST 425. Blacks in American Society
  • ENSP 302. Philosophic History of American Environmentalism
  • ENSP 440. Special Topics in Environmental Science and Policy*
  • FILM 351. Special Topics in Film Studies*
  • FILM 401. Seminar in Film Studies*
  • HISP 207. Cross-Cultural Perspectives: The U.S. and the Spanish-Speaking World
  • HISP 380. Cultural Transformations: The Case of Cuba and Puerto Rico
  • HISP 489. Seminar in Hispanic Studies*
  • GSWS 221-222. U.S. Women's History, 1600 -Present
  • GSWS 380. Rhymes with Witch
  • GSWS 390. Topics in Women's Studies*
  • GSWS 414. Major African American Women Writers
  • GSWS 416. Literature and the Formation of Sexual Identity *
  • GSWS 420. Topics in Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture