Nabeel Siddiqui


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Research Interests: Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Digital Culture, Information Studies, American History, History of Media, Game Studies
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Nabeel Siddiqui is a doctoral candidate in American Studies and also serves as a teaching and Digital Equality Lab Fellow. His research focuses broadly on the relationship between the humanities and technology, with a particular expertise on the cultural history of media, new media studies, digital humanities, information studies, and the history of science and technology. Formerly, he served as a Research Associate at the University of a Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab and a HASTAC scholar. Currently, he is completing his dissertation entitled "Byting Out the Public," which looks at the historical relationship between the personal computer and the private sphere from 1966 to 1991.  For the 2017-2018 academic year, he will serve as a Provost Dissertation Fellow.

Selected Journal Publications

“Data Assemblages: A Call to Conceptualize Materiality in the Academic Ecosystem,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 9, no. 2, 2015

“Dropping the Anchor: An Assessment of Race Relations in East Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina.” Global Horizons 4, no. 2, Fall 2011

“The Development and Application of a Screen Scraping Program in New Media Studies,” Gnovis 9, no. 3, Summer 2011

"We're Just Playing: An Examination fo Games and Virtual Worlds as Opposing Forces," Digital Studies/Le Champ Numerique(In Review)

"Impulses and Competition: A Historical Analysis of Early Parental Anxieties towards Gaming," Games and Culture(In Revision)

Courses Taught

AMST/FMST 401: New Media and Everyday Life, College of William and Mary, Instructor, Fall 2016

Keio University/W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration, College of William and Mary, Instructor, Summer 2016

AMST 470/FMST 401: Information Age in America, College of William and Mary, Instructor Fall 2015

AMST 202: Cinema and the Modernization of U.S. Culture, 1985-1960, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2015

AMST 203: American Medicine: A Social and Cultural History, Teaching Assistant, College of William and Mary, Spring 2013

HIS 100: History of Western Civilization, George Mason, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2011

Conference Presentations

"Computing the Body: Disability and Early Microcomputers in America," Denver, CO, American Studies Association Conference, 2016

"Personal Computing to Success: Childhood in Late-Capitalism," Chicago, IL, Social Science History Association Conference, 2016

"The Computer Invades the Home: Popular Media and the Domestic Crisis," Las Vegas, NV, Far West Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, 2016

"The Cloud Takes Up Space: Assessing Materiality in the Digital Humanities," Charleston, SC, Data Driven: Digital Humanities in the Library, 2014

"The Need to Reconceptualize the Ontology of Digital Humanities Praxis," Houston, Texas, Texas Digital Humanities Consortium Conference, 2014

"Large Scale Data Analysis in Emotional History: A Case Study of the American Civil War," Hannover, Germany, Herrenhausen Conference: “Digital Humanities Revisited—Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age,” 2013

"Black Western Films in the 1930s: Racial Subversion and Economics," Madison, WI, Film and History Conference, 2013

"Family Wages and Innocence: Parental Perceptions of the Children’s Exodus during the Lawrence Strike of 1912," New Orleans, LA, LSU Graduate History Conference, 2012

"Understanding High Scores in the Video Arcade," Milwaukee, WI, Midwest Popular Culture Association Conference, 2011

"Dropping the Anchor: An Assessment of Race Relations in East Biloxi," Biloxi, MS, Returning to Katrina Conference, 2010

"Crosby Memorial Hospital: A Case Study in Disaster Resilience," Biloxi, MS, Next Katrina Conference, 2009