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Research Interests: Islam in the United States and Europe; Islam and Gender; Queer Islam


Alexandra Méav Jerome is a Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Candidate in American Studies. She specializes in Islam and gender in Euro-America, with a special focus on women's literature and Islam in American culture after September 11th. She teaches classes on Women’s Studies, Islam and Gender, and Islam in America.

Alexandra earned her B.A. at Dickinson College, an M.A. at the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London, an M.A. at The University of Exeter, and an M.A. at The College of William & Mary. She also spent time at the Universidad de Granada and The American University in Cairo. Before coming to William & Mary, she was an intern at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C. working for the office of Ambassador Said T. Jawad, Afghan Ambassador to the United States and for Department of Women's Affairs & Social Institutions.

Scholarly Activities
In addition to her regular scholarly activities, Alexandra is a member of the Scholars Board of the American Islamic Fellowship. In September, 2009 Ariana Outreach for Afghanistan honoured her as one of their scholar-activists. Her Master's Thesis won the 2011 Dean's Prize for Excellence in Graduate Scholarship on Women and her research comparing early Irish immigrants to post-9/11 Muslims in political cartoons won an honorable mention at the 11th Annual Graduate Research Symposium. In Spring 2012, she lectured on Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an for the Religious Studies Department in conjunction with a discussion on interfaith dialogue with Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Prince Ghazi of Jordan at William & Mary.
She is currently writing her dissertation.
Her publications include encyclopedia articles on African-American Islam, early Islam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Her most recent publication is on Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an published by Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

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