Declaring the Major or Minor in Africana Studies

  1. All the Faculty of Africana Studies welcome the opportunity to advise students interested in pursuing degrees in Africana Studies. Ideally, students would have taken the gateway course: Introduction to Africana Studies [AFST 205, or AFST 150A, or AFST 100A] prior to their declaration for the major or minor.
  2. Students will then complete the Concentration Planner (pdf), which they will bring with them when they meet with their chosen faculty advisor. For all students who have declared before the Fall 2016 semester, please use the forms below:
  3. The appropriate declaration form will then have to be completed, and signed by a} the student, b} their faculty advisor, and c} the Director of Africana Studies. A copy of both forms will be on file with the Fiscal and Program Administrator of Africana Studies.
  4. Both the Africana Studies Planner and Declaration Forms will have to be submitted by the student to the Registrar in Blow Hall.