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Symposium: The Origins of the African Diaspora in the Historic Triangle

This is the first in what we hope will be an Africana series of lectures, symposia, or conferences on issues of major significance in the study of people of African descent.  We plan to post soon the full videos of the presentations in our highly successful Symposium.  We are grateful to the distinguished scholars and the financial support of the Provost and the Charles Center. 

Symposium Program

Symposium Flyer

Video Highlights

Session I: Slavery in the Historic Triangle and Tidewater of Virginia (Strikwerda, Walsh, Oast and Blakey) 

Session 2: The College of William & Mary and Slavery (Halleran, Meyers and Engs)  

Complete Audio Files

Berhanu Abegaz, Economics, Director of Africana Studies, William & Mary

Carl Strikwerda, Dean of Arts & Sciences, William & Mary

Lorena Walsh, Historian, formerly Colonial Williamsburg   

Jennifer Oust, History, Bloomsburg University

Michael Blakey, Anthropology, William & Mary

Terry Meyers, English, William & Mary

Robert Engs, History, University of Pennsylvania

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