Things You May not Know about Peoples of African Origin



  1. Currently, there are some 1.2 billion black and brown people of African descent throughout the world:  900 million in Africa, 25 million in the Caribbean, 15 million in Europe, over 100 million in South America, and over 40 million in North America. Brazil, with some 90 million, has the largest number of people of African descent in the world after Nigeria which accounts for some 140 million.
  2. This means one of six global citizens is either of a European descent or of an African descent.
  3. The Gross Domestic Product of Sub-Saharan Africa is US$750 billion is about 30% of China's, 70% of Brazil's, 75% of Russia's, and 80% of India's.
  4. The economies of South Africa and Nigeria comprised 56% of the gross domestic product of sub-Saharan Africa.
  5. The Atlantic slave trade connected the Americas with West and Central Africa so much so that  "At the end of the eighteenth century, some six million persons of African descent lived in the Americas, with more than four million of them in slavery... [T]his huge workforce dwarfed the number of industrial laborers earning wages in Europe and North America, who totaled at most a few hundred thousand at this time."  Patrick Manning, The African Diaspora (2009).