Henry Young

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Evanston, IL (Evanston Township High School)



Why W&M

Throughout the entire college process, I was lost. I held many preconceived notions on the perfect college for high-achieving students and became engrossed with what college rankings and metrics said, rather than find a place where I could actually thrive. It was not until I stepped onto William and Mary’s campus that I began to reconsider my most basic assumptions about the college process. As I spent more and more time at William and Mary, I began to realize that this was a place where I could actually see myself. I finally found a place I could call home.

William and Mary is my home for pragmatic reasons, too. My favorite subject areas, economics and international relations, are some of the strongest departments in the college. A strong liberal arts education in conjunction with research opportunities with top notch professors enables me to learn and apply my findings outside of the classroom. I am firmly under the belief that students must learn in a holistic manner, meaning some of the best learning experiences take place outside of the classroom. The college empowers students by giving them ample opportunities to work alongside professors, co-author papers, and get involved in clubs.

Yet when it came down to nit-picking between my college options, what really sold me on William and Mary was the warm, vibrant community. I soon realized the most valuable facet in the college process could not simply be quantified by some online college website. At the very beginning of my visit it was apparent that the William and Mary faculty genuinely care about your presence on campus. From students collaborating on joint projects to visiting class seminars where professors were excited to teach, the comradery and excitement I found was simply unparalleled. I could visualize myself here, and I knew I found my home for the next four years.

College Awards
  • 2017 Winner of Invictus Financial Group Case Competition
  • 2017 Winner of William & Mary Global Innovation Challenge
  • Institute of Theory & Practice of International Relations Summer Research Fellow-Summer 2018 
    • Under the guidance of Professor Philip Roessler, I spent a month in Liberia, alongside three other students, to implement an impact evaluation for the Monrovia Football Academy (MFA). MFA aims to support Liberia’s future student-athlete leaders through its unique structure: MFA combines its highly competitive soccer academy with academic education, leadership classes and draws from all 16 officially recognized ethnic groups.  I designed and administered academic tests, cognitive assessments, gender and ethnicity surveys to over 140 Liberian students in our treatment and two control groups. We are currently working on our data analysis and write-up of our results.  
  • Economic Historian Research Assistant- Summer 2017 & Summer 2018
    • I have spent two summers working as a research assistant to economic historian Carola Frydman at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business. My research primarily focuses on labor unrest and fiscal policy changes during the Great Depression. I have created a comprehensive dataset using the Commercial and Financial Chronicles and will continue working on the project remotely throughout the school year. 
W&M Activities
  • William & Mary Club Soccer Team 
  • Economic Co-Leader of the Monrovia Football Academy Project
    • After we complete our proof of concept white paper, I will be working with Professor Roessler to reach out to grant-awarding institutions to expand the project and ensure sustainability. I am also working closely with Professor Roessler to restructure the data collection techniques. 
Summer 2018

Henry traveled to Liberia to conduct an impact evaluation of the Monrovia Football Academy (MFA). MFA is an elite soccer academy in Monrovia that combines soccer training with leadership classes and rigorous schooling.

High School Activities
  • Varsity Soccer
  • U-18 Soccer
  • Co-Founder and COO of UScan Technologies
  • Intern at South Pacific Business Development
  • Emerge Executive Board Member
  • Co-President of the Investment Club
  • DECA Board Member
Awards / Distinctions
  • "Best Overall Start-Up" at MIT Launch
  • "Best Pitch" and "Most Investable" at Catapult Boston
  • AFS Argentina Summer Exchange