Darice Xue

Darice Xue

Murray 1693 Scholar


Chester, VA (Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies)


International Relations

Why William & Mary

I had always wanted to go to a city school. Though technically a product of suburbia, I developed a taste for the cultural hodgepodge and artistic vibrancy that seep through cities like Richmond after attending high school there. However, I became interested in William & Mary after a friend and then student explained how wonderfully accessible her professors were. As I explored the College, I came to understand that while Williamsburg didn’t necessarily fit my idea of a cosmopolitan hub, it would give me the educational and personal preparation for a future in such an environment. Unlike some larger universities, the College of William & Mary has a faculty body that heavily emphasizes undergraduate research opportunities, and the intensity with which they involve their students in their international relations research is, for me, unparalleled. When combined with the benefits of the scholarship, William & Mary’s undergraduate experience opens doors for all those who dare.

Campus Involvement

Work at the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations

    • Research assistant at the AidData Center for Development Policy
    • Translate Chinese and Spanish for a project affiliated with the Teaching, Research and International Policy program on non-western traditions of international relations

Program coordinator for the Sharpe Community Scholars Program


Member of the International Relations Club and Chinese Student Organization

Summer '13

I participated in William and Mary’s DC Summer Institute along with my lovely friends and talented fellow scholars Haley Bauser and Jonah Fishel. Enrolled in the National Security program, I also interned at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Prosperity, where I contributed to their annual report on global development finance.


In the next few months I’d like to find a way to work abroad.

In the next few years I’d like to learn more about emerging economies and how they will establish their presence in the world.

In the next decade I’d like to have entered law school and studied global trade and regulation. I’d also have visited the Salt Lake in Bolivia, worked at the World Bank, and have written my first novel.

My "1693 Project"

China has significantly increased its foreign direct investment in Latin America in the past few years. I’d like to investigate how the cooperation between these two parts of the world will evolve and how they might impact trade dynamics around the Pacific rim.

Sometimes I sing, watch a bad movie, dance, color, learn a new language, and run – in no particular order.