Elizabeth Sutterlin

Murray 1693 ScholarElizabeth


Why W&M

When my family and I visited Colonial Williamsburg after my freshman year of high school, I would never have guessed that I would eventually attend the historic college we wandered through on the last day of our trip. The school was always on my radar after that, but it wasn’t until I was going through the college application process that I gave it deeper thought. Of course, I remembered William & Mary’s obvious strong points from my family’s stroll through the campus— its rich history, beautiful campus, and welcoming atmosphere, among others. But in reading about the strengths of W&M, and in learning about the possibilities and opportunities available to students in the 1693 Scholars program, the school quickly climbed my list.

The 1693 Scholar Finalist Weekend in April was what cemented my love for William & Mary and turned my internal questioning from “What would it be like here?” to “What will it be like here?” I was so impressed and excited by everyone I met on campus, both in and outside the 1693 program, that I knew this community of learning was the ideal one for someone like me. I left the weekend knowing that at W&M I would not just be challenged by new people and ideas, but engaged, embraced, and encouraged by them to grow academically and personally in my four years here.


Croton on Hudson, NY (Dominican Academy, NYC)


International Relations

W&M Activities
  • President of the William & Mary Fencing Team
  • Director of Public Relations for The Monitor Journal of International Studies
  • Member of Lambda Alliance
Awards / Distinctions
  • Class Valedictorian
High School Activities
  • Leading actor, playwright, and producer of DA PlayhouseElizabeth
  • Editor of Literary Journal
  • President of the Glee Club
  • Reporter for the school newspaper
  • Retreat leader
  • President of the National Honor Society
  • Fencing
  • Latin Club
  • Student Ambassadors