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Conor Sokolowsky

Watkins Family 1693 Scholarconor sokolowsky


Williamsburg, VA (Jamestown HS / Governor’s School for Science & Technology)


Economics and Computer Science

Why W&M

Going into the 1693 Scholars Finalist Weekend, I had one concern. I am a Williamsburg local, and although I had been on campus enough to have gotten a feel for the university, I was worried that coming to W&M would be a little too close to home. The 1693 Scholars Finalist Weekend demonstrated, however, that my concerns were misplaced. My experience on campus, in which I sat-in on classes, roomed with other scholars, and explored hidden areas, made me feel that I was not in Williamsburg at all. I felt like I was in another place entirely, and it made all the difference. I was blown away by the other scholars; students were more than happy to take me places, answer questions, play basketball, or just talk (even though it was the week before finals). I had the opportunity to meet professors, explore the Global Research Institute, and discuss interesting math problems and applications, all thanks to the 1693 network. Such a friendly and inspiring atmosphere made W&M feel like a “home away from home”, and contributed in making it its own, distinct community.

In addition, I had to fund college myself, either through merit scholarships or loans. I had a full merit scholarship from Air Force ROTC, which would have funded most of the schools I had been considering (e.g. UVA, UNC, Univ. of Michigan, MIT, Harvard, Princeton). Receiving the 1693 scholarship, however, helped make my dreams come true by alleviating all financial burdens and opening up incredible undergraduate research and networking opportunities not available to students at the larger research universities. In more ways than one, the 1693 scholarship at W&M was the be-all, end-all, grand finale of my college selection process. I will be forever grateful for being a part of the 1693 family.

W&M Activities
  • Varsity swim team
  • Class of 2023 President
  • Member of the Student Residents Group (works with the City Council to provide student input in City development projects)
  • Member of the Students for University Advancement
High School Activitiesconor with family
  • Team Leader for 2018 KWHS Investment Competition
  • Classical Guitar
  • Placed 17th nationally in the Team America Rocketry Challenge
  • CNU Math Competition
  • CGBD National Team swimmer
  • Cross Country
  • Scholastic Bowl
  • Indoor/outdoor rec soccer
Awards / Distinctions
  • Westpoint Leadership Award
  • Honors Project Medallion
  • Scholastic All-American
  • Junior National qualifier (swimming)
  • Recipient of Air Force ROTC Type 1 Scholarship