Zoha Siddiqui

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Arlington, VA (Sidwell Friends School)

Areas of Interest

International Relations and Sustainable Development, Law

Why W&M

Although I would like to say that I knew William & Mary was the place for me from the first moment that I stepped onto campus, I would be lying. Truthfully, I had no idea which college was right for me, even after application deadlines passed and decisions started rolling in. Information sessions blurred together, and campus tours were dizzying with information. For longer than I care to admit, too, I naively relied on rankings from US News & World Report to decide my college preferences.

When I packed my bags for the 1693 Finalist Weekend in Williamsburg– doubting completely that I would ever receive the scholarship– I was unsure of what to expect, and I was nervous that I would return home with even less clarity about which school to choose. However, after spending a few hours in the Murray House, I began to feel at home. I was struck by the passion, intellect, and generosity of spirit among the 1693 Scholars. I was taken aback by how openly I could interact with professors and how fervently they supported my ideas. I came out of the weekend with a definitive decision to attend William & Mary, connections to teachers and mentors that were already supporting my academic journey, and relationships with students that humbled and inspired me.

High School Activities
  • Co-Founder of Non-Profit Organization, HER
    • HER creates sustainable libraries with quality learning materials for underfunded girls' schools in developing countries. We have opened a total of 13 libraries across rural and urban areas of Pakistan and Morocco, which serve about 20,000 students. www.her-education.org
  • Student Mentor for LearnServe International
  • Editor-in-Chief of InLight Diversity Magazine
  • Junior and Senior Student Government Representative
  • Junior Varsity Cross-Country
  • Varsity Debate
Awards / Distinctions
  • Taco Bell Foundation Live Más Scholarship
  • 1st Place, Seton Hall Sustainable Development Goals Challenge
  • Ashoka and T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge
  • Ashoka STEM for Changemaking Challenge
  • Connect DMV Social Justice Scholarship