Ethan Shelburne

Murray 1693 Scholar


Northampton, MA (MacDuffie School)

Areas of Interest

Math, Film, Chinese, Computer Science

Why W&M

When I was given the task to write a paragraph for the 1693 Scholars website about why I wanted to attend the College of William & Mary, I approached this project first by meticulously reading and analyzing the pages of every single current scholar. Needless to say, this method was embarrassingly time consuming—yet, as I read each page, I gradually came to recognize the precise reason I had said yes so enthusiastically when I was offered the scholarship in April. It wasn’t just where I’d be studying; it was whom I’d be studying with.

On each page, I saw a unique individual, motivated by personal dreams and ambitions. Some I had already met, others I couldn’t wait to. I recalled the conversations I had with both students and professors during the Finalist Weekend and the intellectual yet cooperative atmosphere that seemed to fill every room. I saw William & Mary as a place where all these driven students could come together to learn and interact without a fear of isolation or judgement. It was a school where undergraduate research was a widespread and meaningful reality, not just a euphemism for trivial and minimally credited labor. Looking back on my decision, I realize that William & Mary didn’t just fulfill my expectations for what I was looking for in college; it defined them.

W&M Activities
  • Ultimate Frisbee Team
  • Math Competitions
  • Volunteer at the Haven
    • The Haven is a peer-based, confidential, welcoming and inclusive resource center for those impacted by sexual violence and harassment, relationship abuse and intimate-partner violence, stalking and other gender-based discrimination
High School Activitiesethan_withdog
  • Captain of Ultimate Frisbee team
  • Theater (performed in 9 plays)
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Captain of TV game show trivia team
  • QSA Club
  • Cross Country team
  • Math Madness competitions
  • Mock Trial
  • Engineers for Hope
  • Diversity Day presenter
  • Class Valedictorian
  • Cum Laude Society
  • Harvard Book Award