Andrew Peritz

Murray 1693 ScholarAndrew


Charlottesville, VA (Charlottesville High School)

Why William & Mary

In retrospect, my quest for the "perfect fit" school felt like being lost deep in a vast forest. Armed with only a computer mouse and wi-fi, I walked through the internet woodlands, hoping to find a collegiate beacon of civilization. I searched for the ideal place to stuff myself with porridge, relax on the furniture, and settle in for a nice long nap (after class, of course). So, in this Goldilocksian fashion, I sampled the proverbial porridge of many schools and found most to be too hot or too cold for my taste. Eventually I narrowed my list down to three that, on paper, seemed quite similar. I was stumped.

Ultimately it came down to campus visits. The feeling that I got when I first visited W&M is very hard to describe. It was bizarre; I just knew that this was the place for me. I was extremely impressed by the professors. They're not only supremely qualified, but their dedication to undergraduate teaching is unparalleled. Their eagerness to build relationships with their students is something that I know will help me achieve my overarching goal of learning as much as I can while I'm here. Plus, the students I met over 1693 Scholars Weekend were some of the most fascinating, intellectually curious people I've ever encountered. They could be putting the finishing touches on a meticulously wrought research paper at one moment and playing Cards Against Humanity or going dumpster diving the next.

Since my initial visit I've found myself unable to stay away from campus. I kept, and keep, finding excuses to visit: interviews, tours (I took five!), and "trips to Colonial Williamsburg" that invariably ended up being "trips to that area adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg". William & Mary was, in the words of a certain flaxen-haired home invader, "juuuuuuust right."


Kinesiology and Elementary Education

W&M Activities
  • Student Representative, William and Mary Assessment Steering Committee
    • Work closely with the Office of Institutional Analysis & Effectiveness and guide the College's assessment program. The Committee includes a faculty chair, appointed faculty members, student representatives, and administrative liaisons. The Committee structure reinforces the assessment program as a faculty-driven process that is informed by faculty, administrative, and state concerns. The Committee also emphasizes the broad scope of assessment at the College.
  • Student Representative, William and Mary SAS Advisory Group
    • The SAS Advisory Group works with the Student Accessibility Office, a division of the Office of the Dean of Students, to address student accessibility concerns and to make recommendations regarding services that provide equal access to disabled students.
  • Peer Advisor, William and Mary Office of Academic Advising
    • Work as a teaching assistant for the College Studies Course required of all incoming Freshman and Transfer students. Provide one-on-one support to newly matriculated students throughout their first year at William and Mary.
  • Member, Student Leadership Foundatiom
    • The Student Leadership Foundation (SLF) is an intensive semester-long leadership program for Freshman and Sophomore leaders on campus. It is designed to support rising campus leaders as they build a strong network with fellow leaders on-campus.
  • Social Chair, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity
  • Intramural Soccer, Flag Football and Indoor Hockey
  • Tutor, Matthew Whaley Elementary School (freshman year)
  • International Relations Club (freshman year)
Summer 2016
  • Research assistant for Dr. Allison Scott
    • Investigated the social determinants impacting the diabetes management of low income clients at a rural health clinic in Eastern Virginia. We evaluated responses using a multi-level social-ecological model and the poster with our results was presented at the Virginia Rural Health Association meeting in October 2016.
  • Camp Launch, Williamsburg Va. Summer 2016
    • Lead Swim Instructor, designed curriculum and implemented lesson plans for middle school aged gifted, under-privileged children attending camp.
Summer 2017

I am traveling to Amsterdam to take a course that examines the Netherlands public health system. The class is comprised of lectures, guest speakers and field trips to some of the institutions that render their public health system unique.

High School ActivitiesAndrew
  • Editor-in-Chief of school paper
  • Ben Hair Just Swim for Life Foundation instructor
  • NHS
  • Swim Team, Diving Team
  • Diver at Virginia Dive Academy
  • Pop Quiz Bowl
  • National Spanish Honor Society
  • Lifeguard at the Boars Head Sports Club
  • Volunteer at Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
  • Tennis Team
  • National Merit Scholarship Finalist
  • A.P. Scholar with Distinction
  • Virginia Festival of the Book Poetry Award