Jack Morris

Stamps 1693 Scholar



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Midlothian, VA
(Mathematics & Science High School at Clover Hill)


Applied Math major with a Computer Science minor

Why W&M

When my senior year rolled around, I had three fundamental criteria for my college choices: my major, which was aerospace engineering at the time; affordability; and a potential for me to be happy there. Even though William & Mary nailed the happiness component, it was widely disregarded when I learned that I wouldn’t be able to study aerospace. Despite not offering my major, I applied to William & Mary out of the respect I had for the school.

After the acceptance season, I had schools that offered my major and affordability or my major and happiness, but nothing really hit all three. Lining up to make a tough decision, I worked through the pros and cons lists until the interview weekend came around.

Small things delighted me. Sunshine, the green campus, local music, and even tree climbing made me feel at home. It seemed that everyone, fellow scholars and complete strangers alike, smiled at me. Bigger things stunned me. Students have close relationships with their professors, and the overwhelming presence of undergraduate research is unlike any other school. The biggest thing of all may have been my realization that William & Mary had so many fields that I would love to study. Not only that, but if I still decided to pursue engineering, that path would still be open to me. I had finally found the school that really hit my Big Three.

After the interview weekend, I knew that if they would have me, I would be more than happy to spend my next four years in Williamsburg.

W&M Activities
  • Mathematical Contest in Modeling
    • Team's paper ranked in the top 15% of papers from teams around the world
    • Encouraged underclassmen to form teams, secured funding from the math department, and lead training sessions to help other William & Mary students who wish to compete
Summer 2018

I helped forecast electric load as an intern for TESLA Forecasting. In an additional research project, I explored the use of recurrent neural networks to forecast locational marginal pricing of power on the day-ahead market. 

March 2018

I traveled to Panama City to chair the Special Political and Decolonizaton Committee with Harvard's World Model United Nations conference where delegates debated global climate threats to indigenous peoples as well as the disappearance of endangered languages.