Hannah Kwawu

Murray 1693 ScholarHannah


Wellesley, MA (Wellesley High School)

Why William & Mary

One of the primary things I looked for when touring colleges (outside of outstanding academics of course) was school spirit. I loved the idea of people from all over being united under shared traditions, whether it be traditions from the school’s founding or newly developed celebrations. Everyone was so proud to be a member of the Tribe, and that directly translated to an amazingly accepting atmosphere. A huge emphasis is placed on traditions here, which creates a sense of togetherness so strong that even a visiting student such as myself felt incredibly included. Additionally, when I visited, I encountered a wide swath of people who were so incredibly genuine in their passion for everything: academics, the arts, community service, etc. This well-roundedness in both the students as well as in the campus life struck me, and I failed to find anywhere else. Ultimately, it was the idea of living the next four years of my life in such a great place that convinced me to come here.


Psychology and Marketing

W&M Activities and Research 
  • Research in the William and Mary Addiction Lab under Professor(s) Cheryl Dickter and Catherine Forrestell
    • Examining how presence of a smoking or non-smoking parent affects children’s implicit attention to smoking and alcohol related stimuli
  • Reveille Acapella - all female acapella group

  • Writer for herCampus chapter at William and Mary
  • Avalon Liaison for Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
    • Incoming VP of Philanthropy
    • I work in conjunction with the Avalon Volunteer Coordinator, making sure that sisters are kept to update and pursue volunteering opportunities at the Avalon Center for Women and Children (our local philanthropic organization 
  • Study Abroad Peer Advisor
Study Abroad

I'm currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for the Fall 2016 semester with a focus on Cross-Cultural Psychology and Advertising. 

  • Interning at IIH Nordic, a marketing analytics firm focused on digital and content marketing
Summer 2016

I worked two public relations (PR) internships to learn more about different directions I could go within the field. 

  • Public Relations Intern at Pascale Communications 
    • Monitored social media presence and product mentions for healthcare clients
    • Prepared promotional documents for client use at industry conferences and in B2B transactions
  • Strategy and New Business Development Intern at Elle Barksdale and Company 
    • Created plans for business expansion within Seattle restaurant community
    • Visited new clients to develop story boards and create business proposals
    • Supported clients at major promotional events
Summer 2015

In addition to continuing my work in the Addiction Lab, I worked in the Parks Lab with Professor Dorothy Ibes, helping catalogue green spaces both on campus and in the Williamsburg area as part of the Parks Rx program in order to promote physical and mental health in our community.

Potential 1693 Scholar Project

I hope to spend senior year researching gender bias in perceptions of mental health. How does our perception of mental health change when the patient is male or female? Where are the intersections of gender norms and media portrayals? My goal is to conduct an experiment with the Psychology Department about these explicit and implicit biases in how we perceive mental illness.

  • National Achievement Finalist and scholarship recipient
  • Lehigh Book Award
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • National Spanish Examination Silver Medalist