Wade Hodson


Murray 1693 Scholar

Why William & Mary?

I used to worry that I might be too much of a physics nerd for William & Mary - that the college's emphasis on liberal arts just wouldn't be the best fit for me. However, the more I visited the college, and the more I talked to the students and staff that make up the college community, the more I realized how misplaced that preconception really was. The people at William & Mary are fascinating and diverse - both in the places they come from and in the paths they hope to tread in the future. The college has classes that nurture my interests in physics and mathematics, but the knowledge and passion of my teachers has also pushed me to expand my studies into other areas. The community is friendly, inclusive, and doesn't take itself too seriously. At William & Mary, you're allowed to truly be yourself, but you're also encouraged to be more than you thought you could be. It's the kind of place that makes me want to learn a new instrument, to make lifelong connections, to volunteer in the community. That atmosphere - an environment fostered not by any curriculum, but by people committed to an ethos of learning and collaboration - is what really made William & Mary the school for me.


Physics major with a Computer Science minor

Extracurriculars at W&M
  • Physics Club
  • Intramural soccer
  • Running Club