Jared Grooms

Stamps 1693 Scholar



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Virginia Beach, VA (Floyd E Kellam High School)

Why William & Mary

My road to a college decision was different than the average path. Somehow, my parents convinced me to wait until I received my acceptance letters to start my college visits. As a result, March of my senior year was hectic as I tried to visit the various schools. I applied to William and Mary because of its stellar academics.

Seeing as I only had a month for all my college visits, I really had to rely on my heart to get a feel for where I wanted to attend. I fell in love with the diversity on campus when I visited. The Tribe fits the definition of diversity in many aspects. I was comforted by seeing people of color and learning of the various organizations students can join. However, I also loved the diversity of students’ interests. In a mere two days, I stumbled upon students playing Dungeons and Dragons, student athletes, students who spent a majority of their time in the library, and Fraternity brothers and Sorority sisters. While I may not have a lot in common with all the various student types, it was very inspiring to see all the types not only tolerating each other, but truly embracing the differences. I know the Tribe will be a home away from home, and truly look forward to my four years at William and Mary. I’m proud to join The Tribe because of my amazing visit.


Biology with Mathematics minor

W&M Activities
  • Distinguished Gentlemen
    • Provide mentoring to local minority youths
Summer 2016

I spent the summer shadowing a radiation oncologist after developing phantom technology (which is used in imaging modalities) the previous summer.

High School Activities
  • Basketball
  • President of the National Science Honor Society
  • National Spanish Honor Society
  • Science, Service & Medicine Mentoring Program
  • National Honor Society
  • Youth Council
  • African American Male Summit Leader
  • Math and English tutor at Kumon
  • National Achievement Scholar