Michael Giovanniello

Gore 1693 ScholarMichael


Vienna, VA
(James Madison High School)

Areas of Interest

Environmental Sciences, Chinese Language & Literature, Business

Why W&M

Like many of my peers, I spent the majority of my high school career hyper-focused on getting into the best college I could. But when college acceptances rolled in and it was nearly time to make a choice, I came to the startling realization that I didn’t know what defined that vague goal. What makes the best college? Was it the place I’d be happiest, the place where I would learn the most, the place which would best help me realize my future aspirations?

It's a tough question to answer. One that, fortunately, I never had to. After a little soul-searching and a lot of research it became clear that William and Mary swept it in all categories.

Ultimately, I chose William and Mary because of the enriching academic environment, laid-back yet vigorous atmosphere, and depth of opportunity for undergraduate students. It’s safe to say few schools can claim such a high standard of education, but even fewer can claim to match William and Mary’s emphasis on undergraduate studies, be it through research opportunities or the ability to interact intimately with professors. To me, this is the biggest draw. Having those opportunities available means what I get out of my time here is limited only by what I’m willing to give.

With all said and done, the real question to me isn't why William and Mary, but why not?

High School Activities
  • Co-founder of Grace Notes (performed over 100 concerts for Alzheimer’s patients)
  • Co-President of Model UN
  • Student Representative for the Town Community Enhancement Commission
  • Founder of Ivy Free Vienna Initiative
  • Violinist
  • Fellow on the John Foust Congressional Campaign
  • Fiddle and Mandolin player in a band
  • Soccer
  • Co-president of the Ping Pong Club