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Molly Flood

Murray 1693 Scholarflood_m


Northport, NY (Friends Academy)


Environmental Humanities and Film & Media Studies majors

Why W&M

Opportunities and options: these are the elements that immediately made William & Mary a top contender for my higher education. As a student, I am not someone who limits themselves to what they are familiar with; I am constantly exploring and changing as an intellectual. Unlike many of the colleges and universities I had visited previously, William & Mary did not require me to choose a concentration upon arrival, or want me to limit myself to the familiar. When I first visited campus, the students and faculty I met gave me the impression that William & Mary encourages its students to learn as much as they can, and evolve into well-rounded intellectuals that explore and interact with the world around them.

When researching my higher education options, I traveled along the Eastern Seaboard and to the West Coast, visiting every marine science institute and exploring every possible research opportunity. At that time, I was not even aware that the 1693 Scholars Program was even an option for me. Becoming a finalist, and later being invited into the program, helped me realize that William & Mary will not only allow me to pursue research and my passions, but aid me in doing so, which ultimately made my decision to attend an easy one.

As I emerged from high school, I had yet to solidify my future. I knew that being a student at William & Mary would provide an atmosphere that fosters the kind of independent, cross disciplinary, and vibrant education that would allow me to find my path.

W&M Activities
Summer 2019

I worked as a visual effects intern for Harry Connick Jr.- A Celebration of Cole Porter on Broadway.

High School Activities
  • President, Sustainability Committee
  • Tour Guide, Admissions
  • Ambassador, Leadership Council Island Harvest Farms
  • Apprentice, Costume Shop, Stagecraft Program, Friends Academy
  • Independent Study, Cape Eleuthera Institute Research, Marine Bio & Island Ecosystems, Bahamas
  • Independent Senior Research, Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere
  • Internship, Two Indie Films, Wardrobe
  • Tap Dance
Awards / Distinctions
  • Cum Laude Society
  • National Spanish Exam Gold Medalist
  • The Roger Erickson English Award
  • Theater Arts Award
  • AP Scholar with Honors