Jonah Fishel

Murray 1693 Scholar


Sterling, Virginia
(Potomac Falls High School and the Loudoun County Academy of Science)

Why W&M

I only applied to a few places, because I knew what I wanted to see in a school. It was a tall order, really: small student body, beautiful campus, brilliant professors, extensive undergraduate research, freedom to study what I wanted and delicious food. I thought it wasn't possible, but W&M has given me all but one of those things, and I couldn't see myself anywhere else.

Summer 2014Jonah
Summer 2013
My Major

Storytelling (self-designed interdisciplinary major)

Extracurriculars at W&M
  • Gentlemen of the College all-male a capella group
  • Someone You Know sexual assault awareness and advocacy group
  • Genopolitics research lab with Professor Jaime Settle
  • Occasional Homebrew performer
Possible "1693 Projects"
  • "How the Batman Got His Cowl, and Other Stories: Ancient Symbolism in Popular Culture"
  • "I Love Rock and Roll, and So Can You: Music's Impact on Neural Oscillation"
  • "The Polyphasic Man: A Study on Not Sleeping"
  • "The Food-Mood Connection: the Effect of Dietary Hormone Signaling on Emotion and Performance"
  • "Ayiti Se Kikote M'te Kite M'Ke: Improving Haitian National Literacy Through Children's Books"
  • Go back to Haiti
  • Make some decisions. Maybe.