Katie English

Stamps 1693 Scholar

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Sheboygan, WI (North HS)

Areas of Interest

Economics, Philosophy, Government

Why W&M

I first visited William & Mary as a seventh grader with my grandparents. I was spending the week with them, and they wanted to send news to my parents in Wisconsin. To do this, they took me to tour William & Mary and snapped lots of pictures. My parents are graduates of UVA, and the athletic rivalry between the two schools was enough to prompt an immediate phone call from them once they realized where my grandparents had taken me. Unfortunately for my parents, I absolutely fell in love with William & Mary that day. It was then that I decided to do everything I could to make attending William & Mary a possibility.

This dream was quickly dashed when I saw William & Mary’s out-of-state price tag, but I looked around the website until I saw the 1693 Scholars opportunity. Recognizing the improbability of achieving 1693 Scholar status, I researched other schools more seriously. However, I always kept William & Mary in the back of my mind.

A few years later as a senior, I received an email saying that I had made the 1693 Finalist Weekend. I came to Williamsburg in April already in love with William & Mary, but I was astounded to learn about all of the extra resources and guidance I would have access to as a 1693 Scholar. From spending time with the current scholars to attending classes, I knew that William & Mary was the perfect fit for me. I crossed my fingers before my presentation and interview, hoping that I would be able to attend my dream school. A few days later, I enthusiastically and immediately accepted the 1693 scholarship. I could not be more excited for the next four years,  and I am counting down the days until I move in!

W&M Activities
  • Research Assistant for the Social Networks and Political Psychology Lab
  • Leadership Team for Economics Club 
  • Nominated Member of Students for University Advancement
  • Member of Debate Team
  • Member of Fencing Team 
  • Member of Philosophy Club
High School Activities
  • Author/Illustrator/Creator of Color Me Sheboygan
  • Direction of Color Me Sheboygan sales and funds
  • Business Systems Analyst at Acuity Insurance
  • Director of EXPO (school showcase to community)
  • President of Future Business Leaders of America
  • Cross Country
  • National Honor Society Co-President
  • Blue Crew Leader (freshmen welcoming club)
  • Dock Hand at Sheboygan Marina
  • Guitar
Awards / Distinctions
  • JCI Outstanding Young Wisconsinite
  • Jake’s Café Creativity Award
  • National Merit Finalist
  • AP Scholar with Distinction