Colin Cochran

Stamps 1693 Scholar


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Stoughton, MA (Stoughton HS)

Areas of Interest

International Relations, Computer Science, Global Studies

Why W&M

William and Mary first attracted my attention early on in my college search, coming up repeatedly as one of the best schools for International Relations, my planned major.  I debated whether or not to apply, because I always pictured myself going to a large school in a major city.  However, my philosophy being to apply to as many schools as I could, I figured I should add William and Mary to the long list.  But, having never visited campus (or any part of Virginia), I never seriously considered that I might end up here.    

This changed when I found that I was a 1693 Semifinalist.  I started heavily researching William and Mary, and began to realize that it was checking off a lot of boxes for me.  The campus, and its abundant greenery and old buildings, fit the imagined aesthetic of my ideal college.  The academic rigor and unique emphasis on undergraduate research made the school stand out even more, and with its relative proximity and connections to DC, it seemed like a great choice for an International Relations major.  Reading reviews by current and former students, I noticed a common thread of passion for both the college itself and their individual academic pursuits.  This attitude more than anything else made me begin to picture myself as a William and Mary student.  

By the end of the Finalist Weekend, I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. I was blown away by what the school had to offer. My interactions with students and faculty convinced me that William and Mary was right for me.  Everyone I talked to was welcoming and personable, and all were enthusiastic and committed to the school.  Out of all the schools I visited, William and Mary by far had the most noticeable feeling of community.  After first day, I knew that if I were fortunate enough to be offered a spot among the scholars, I would immediately accept it.  The next couple days affirmed that feeling over and over.  When the offer did come, I was more than thrilled to accept it, as I knew for sure that this place I had almost overlooked was the perfect fit for me.  

W&M Activities
  • AidData Research Assistant - SDGs Team
  • Diplomacy Lab Research Assistant
  • Spring 2018 Project for International Peace and Security Intern
  • Member of Ultimate Frisbee Team
  • Member of Blitz Running Club
  • Member of William and Mary Young Democratic Socialists
High School ActivitiesColin with dog
  • Cross Country Captain
  • Indoor and Outdoor Track Captain
  • Class Treasurer
  • Student Government Class Representative
  • VP of Junior Statesman of America
  • National Honors Society President
  • State House Intern
  • Rensselaer Medal
  • National Merit Finalist