Meredith Boulos

Murray 1693 Scholar


Jacksonville, FL (Episcopal School)

Why W&M?

William & Mary was the clear choice for me because I believe that the faculty dedication to undergraduate education coupled with the opportunities provided by the 1693 Scholarship will better prepare me for my future than any other program in the country. The undergraduate focus at W&M is unparalleled in both the classroom and the research setting, and students are deeply immersed in their intellectual and extracurricular pursuits with remarkable breadth and depth. Of course, the mild weather, beautiful campus and historic setting added to the appeal. Also, the people here are among the nicest I have ever met!


Environmental Toxicology: a self-designed interdisciplinary major integrating marine science, environmental science, geology, chemistry and biology, with supplemental marine toxicology classes through VIMS

Extracurricular Activities
  • Sharpe Community Scholars Teaching Fellow: Currently serve as a teaching fellow for "Civic Engagement in Higher Education," a freshman seminar within the Sharpe Community Scholars program, which supports the development of selected freshman students and seeks to integrate academic studies, research and community engagement throughout the students' first year.

  • Co-Trip Leader of Student Partnership for International Medical Aid (Ghana): A student led group that works in partnership with HCDP, an NGO in Ghana, to carry out research that helps elucidate community needs and facilitate community-based development that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive. Through community-based participatory research and network analysis, SPIMA seeks to gather the information necessary to empower a community to develop from within, based on self-determined need. Meredith has a particular interest in water, sanitation and hygiene research and its implications for children's health.

  • Global Medical Brigades (Honduras): Part of a continuous community development effort with nine unique programs that collectively implement health, economic and education initiatives carried out in conjunction with community members to strategically catalyze community-specific growth and development.

  • Tribe Tutorzone: A peer-tutoring program offered through the Dean of Students Office. Tutor of various math and science courses

  • Soccer Coach: A recreational program through Virginia Legacy Soccer Club, which is a non-profit organization that aims to offer the fun, opportunity and character development that comes with a club soccer experience to local youth inclusive of all backgrounds and financial means.