Srijan Bhasin

Stamps 1693 Scholar



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Annandale, VA (Bishop O’Connell High School)

Why William & Mary

To answer why, I must show you how.

My first exposure to the world of institutions of higher learning came in the sixth grade with my first Model UN conference (which happened to be hosted by William & Mary). I was a blank slate. I had no allegiances: my parents’ alma mater was on another continent, the hype of the long-awaited Hokie-Hoo game never seemed to surpass that of a routine ‘Skins game, and Williamsburg just happened to be the city I passed through on the annual field trip to Jamestown. So, when I finally met William & Mary, I took it all in. I had no reason to resist its charm.

At the time, I saw W&M for only its beautiful campus. I didn’t actually care about anything else the College could offer me. That was, of course, until my brother started looking at universities, six years ago. Being that it was the only one I knew the name of, William & Mary held the title of “my favorite university.” So, in a childish attempt to measure my influence over my brother, I tried to convince him to apply there. William & Mary sold itself on paper rather quickly. I didn’t understand what any of the pamphlet-style facts I showed him meant, but he surely did. I still take credit for his choosing William & Mary.

So, when my college time came, my brother returned the favor. “The faculty actually cares about you,” he told me as we were welcomed into the office of his first chemistry professor. “We have the facilities to support the research you want to do,” he reminded me as we strolled through the labs. “We were definitively ranked the smartest public school,” he managed to slip into the lunch conversation we had with his littles. “You don’t have to follow in my footsteps, just choose a place you can see yourself smiling,” he said just before my heart made my decision.

My college decision came easily. I was lucky to have a window into the Tribe, but I do think I would have reached the same decision on my own. It was alone when I discovered the personality of my school. I ultimately chose William & Mary because like me, it is intellectual, curious, relaxed, and full of quirks. In other words, no, you can’t take credit for my choosing William & Mary, Mr. Bhasin.



W&M Activities
  • Bhangra team (a competitive dance team)
    • Helped organize Nach Ke Dikha (a dance competition held at William and Mary)
  • Research in a chemical biology lab
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Mission trip to Nicaragua with the Global Medical Brigades
  • International Relations Club
  • South Asian Student Association
Summer 2016
  • George Mason’s Aspiring Scientist Summer Internship Program
    • I had the opportunity to work at a biological research lab at the Virginia Tech Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center. I presented my results at a poster session and hope to publish a paper with my mentor in the coming months.
High School ActivitiesShrijan
  • Secretary General of Model UN
  • Volunteer at the Virginia Hospital Center
  • Cross Country Team
  • Track and Field
  • Founder of the Science National Honor Society
  • President of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica
  • President of FBLA
  • President of Mu Alpha Theta
  • Club Soccer 
  • Class Valedictorian
  • Harvard Book Award
  • Rensselaer Medalist
  • Global Studies certificate