Haley Bauser

Stamps 1693 Leadership ScholarHaley


Virginia Beach, VA (Norfolk Academy)

Why W&M?

I was pretty sure that William & Mary was the place for me when I visited for the interview weekend. The campus is small enough to allow for both lecture halls and small discussion based courses, but large enough to provide various opportunities in student activities. The students also had a love for the school and their respective fields that I just did not find at any other university. Both the professors and the students here are brilliant and passionate which makes for an interesting learning environment. Since I have started attending the college, I have loved hearing about the diverse interests of the students and the professors ranging from Biomatematics to the German election system. The added benefits of the scholarship made coming to William & Mary the clear decision.



Extracurriculars at William & MaryHaley
  • Women's Club Rugby - President
  • VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood
  • Society of Physics Students
  • William & Mary in DC Summer Internship Program
  • Singer in Llamas at Brunch
  • Opera Workshop
  • Undergraduate STEM Research Scholarship through the 2015 Virginia Space Grant Consortium 
  • 2015 Frank Hohl Memorial Physics Award Winner: awarded to a physics major in the Spring for excellence in research performed prior to the senior year
Summer 2015 Research
  • I worked at the University of Michigan under Dr. Stephen Forrest in his Optielectronic Components and Materials Group. My project was to design, build, and program an automatic testing system for blue phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes.
Summer 2014 Research
  • I spent my summer at Georgetown University working with Dr. Xinran Zhang and Dr. Paola Barabara. My project was to create a more efficient Organic Solar Cell using titanyl phthalocyanine nanoparticles semiconducting polymers.
Research at W&M

I started research sophomore year working in Dr. Irina Novikova's Quantum Optics Lab. During Sophomore year, I studied the Metal to Insulator Transition of Vanadium Dioxide. I am currently working on a technical component of my senior honors thesis. My honors thesis will be studying light entanglement through a Rubidium Cell. We will be producing the entangled Quantum Bell States via Four Wave Mixing. These bell states will then be polarized. This is where my current project comes into play. I am currently in the process of building and testing one of the polarizing agents in this larger experiment. It will use the Faraday Effect to polarize one of the more difficult frequencies to polarize. This project has applications in quantum information and quantum sensor technologies.


After graduating, I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics while still playing and writing music in whatever free time I can find.