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We're Fun

If Jon Stewart went here, then we must be fun.

Here’s the difference between a William & Mary student and the average college student. When William & Mary students stay up all night it’s because they’re doing something creative, collaborative and wonderfully weird, like participating in the school’s infamous 24-hour film festival.

There’s nothing average about W&M students, and that includes our definition of a good time. It starts with our friends, who are inspiring, intelligent and more than a little funky—just the way we like them.  Who else would join us for a midnight, all-cupcake picnic on the Palace Green? Or would wear his girlfriend’s prom dress and play the tuba in a performance at Homebrew?

This is college, after all. And even though we all work hard, we know that not everything needs to look good on a law school application. That’s why, in addition to our many serious and impressive student clubs and organizations, we sign up for just-for-fun gems like the Massage Club, the Swing Club and the Seventh Grade Comedy Club.

And even though we’re not all NCAA athletes, that doesn't stop us from getting a little too serious about a round of intramural mini-golf. At W&M, there are sports clubs for every taste from basketball to scuba to croquet, many of them taking advantage of our awesome campus recreation center.

Come visit William & Mary and witness our delightful strangeness in person. We’ve been looking for an excuse to get Timmy’s Magical Tuba Tour back together for a reunion show.