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Steps to Complete Your Application

Instructions for the Application:

Personal Statement: The Undergraduate Admission Committee uses your written essay to learn more about you and to assess your writing skills. It is very important that you write these essays yourself so that we can make our admission decision knowing your English proficiency. We do not intend the writing sample to be a formal piece, but rather a reaction to one of our questions. Try to be specific in describing interests, beliefs or experiences.

Activities/Interests: In many high schools in the United States, students participate in clubs, sports and community service. The Undergraduate Admission Committee understands that out-of-school activities will vary depending on one's culture and education system. On this page, please list interests, activities or work experiences that will give the Committee insight into your life and how you have chosen to spend your free time.

Instructions for completing William & Mary specific questions on the Common Application:

Name: On all correspondence your name should always be written in the same order. Be consistent. Students should enter their family name or surname as their "last" name on the application and all supporting documents. Non-US citizens should be sure to write their name exactly as it appears on their passport. If you apply under one name and send documents and credentials under another, it will result in a delay of the process.

Social Security Number: If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you may not have a social security number. Please leave this section blank. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will assign you a student identification number.

Birth Date: Please enter the month first, followed by the day and then the year.

Freshman or Transfer: Unless you have already completed some study at a university, please mark freshman. You will still be considered for transfer credit and may later be classified as a second-year student.

CEEB Number: The number given to many international schools by the College Board to help track applicants; leave blank if your school does not have such a number.

Major Field of Study: Unlike many other foreign universities, students at William & Mary do not pick a major area of study until the end of their second year. Please mark your interest area, but understand that your selection is not a factor in the admission decision.

Signature: Do not forget to sign the supplement!

Instructions for completing the Secondary School Report Form:

If there is not a person in your school responsible for assisting students applying to university, please have a teacher, tutor or the head of school complete this form. For example, if you were schooled in the British system, the counselor or tutor would provide A-level predictions here. In many cases, questions about difficulty of program, grade point average and class rank will be irrelevant for students in another system of education. We do not expect you to complete this section if that is the case.

CEEB Number: The number given to many international schools by the College Board to help track applicants; leave blank if your school does not have such a number.