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JonDavid Nichols

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: Shenandoah and Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Out-of-State Transfer Students
Email: [[jd]]

Transfer students can best reach out to me via [[transfer,]].

Who Am I?

I lived in the same small town near Buffalo, NY for my entire childhood until spending my freshman year of college out in Spokane, WA. After my grand adventure to the West Coast, I transferred to William & Mary. VA has been my home ever since. In school, I studied Political Science and Marketing but developed a love for Higher Education through my extracurricular involvements. Eventually, I hope to pursue a graduate degree in Educational Policy and Leadership.

Why W&M?

When I was searching for the "right fit" during my college search, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for. Small or big? Research or liberal arts? Coke or Pepsi? However, the one aspect I was looking for in every school was a sense of community, being able to walk around campus and see friends and peers smiling and laughing. Finding a student body that was full of individuals who not only cared about academics, but also wanted to form meaningful connections throughout college was my number one priority and W&M seemed to be the perfect fit - I mean just look at the terrace!

Why Admissions?

When I was getting ready to graduate from W&M, I was still uncertain of what my first job should be. I had worked in various positions across campus that excited my love for Higher Ed, but was still uncertain if I was ready to give up a career in politics. However, after spending the summer working for Admissions as a Senior Interviewer, I was convinced that Higher Ed was where I was meant to be. I love getting to talk and connect with prospective students, and helping them navigate the overwhelming college search process. When a position opened up to serve as an Assistant Dean, I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back!

What do I do?

I currently serve as the regional dean for Shenandoah and Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland. I also assist our wonderful Senior Assistant Dean Monica Pinier with the Transfer Admission process.

  • My dad and I recently did some genealogy work and discovered that we are direct descendents of William Penn (shout-out to all of our PA applicants)!
  • Until I was about 13 years old, my main form of transportation was cartwheeling. And I can still do a cartwheel to this day!
  • I've never found a hot sauce that was "too hot." Try and prove me wrong!