Jacqueline Amaya Mendez

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: North Central Virginia - including Loudoun County, Prince William County and Fredericksburg, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
Email: [[jbamayamendez]]

Who Am I?

I am an iced coffee drinker – yes, even in the winter when it’s below freezing! I am the proud child of Salvadoran immigrants and a first generation college graduate. I was born in Alexandria, Virginia but resided in Woodbridge, Virginia most of my life. During my time as an undergrad I majored in Public Policy and Latin American Studies. Some of the highlights of my undergraduate career were serving as President of the Latin American Student Union, participating in various programs at our DC office, and being a PLUS Counselor.

What’s with the Photo?

I’ve been a consistent journaler since freshman year of college and am known to burn through 2-3 notebooks a year. You can always find me writing at a Starbucks early in the morning. I love writing because it helps me process the intricate moments of life. I can look back and know who, what, and how places and people impacted me just by flipping through the pages of my journal.  

Why Admissions?

I’ve always wanted to help students gain access to and excel in higher education. Working in admissions allows me to impact students in two key ways.  First off, I am able to connect with students individually and give them insight on the college application process. Secondly, on a campus-wide level, admissions helps shape the community which will support future generations of students to come.

If you or your family would like someone to speak to in Spanish, please do not hesitate to contact me! Si  usted o su familia le gustaría hablar con alguien en español, tienen la libertad de comunicarse conmigo! 

Why the Tribe?

I applied to W&M on a whim and I am so thankful I did! There are so many aspects of William & Mary that I love like the traditions, the brick paths, and the small campus. But the two characteristics that stick out to me the most is the dedication of the faculty and staff and the dynamic students. Faculty and staff are supportive of your academic, professional and personal lives – they go out of their way to meet you at Aromas to give life advice. Students are multi-dimensional: the individual who spends hours in a lab is also dancing their heart out on the Commonwealth stage or harmonizing at Wren 10.

Fun Facts
  1. I am the 3rd oldest of 13 grandchildren.
  2. I ended up naming one of my cousins as we were on the way to the hospital to visit her.
  3. My family is from a beach town in El Salvador where the sand is jet black.