Peter Kinton

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: Arlington, Alexandria, and Southeast Fairfax County, Virginia, and North Carolina
Email: [[pmkinton]]

Who Am I?

I consider myself a true Virginian as I have grown up all over the state. I spent my childhood in Richmond, then moved to Northern, VA for high school, and then during college my family moved to the Northern Neck area. While at William & Mary, I majored in Government with a minor in Geology, so rocks and politics are really my jam. I graduated in May of 2018 and hope to start pursuing a graduate degree in the next couple of years, so stay tuned!

Why W&M

Since I grew up in Richmond, I became a master of Colonial Williamsburg before I even finished elementary school. I distinctly remember that as a six year old, I declared that I would go to William & Mary when it came time for college. 12 years later, and it came true! William & Mary enchanted me as a kid, and I am equally as obsessed with it as an adult. Whether it be the beautiful campus, the amazing history, or the warm community, W&M has so much to offer for every individual that walks its brick paths.

Why Admission?

I became involved with the Admission Office as a freshman and I have not looked back since! I love the ability to work with prospective students and families and aid in their college search process. There is no greater joy for me than watching a prospective student get that "feeling" that William & Mary might be the right place for them.

What I do for Admission

I am the dean responsible for students from Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia as well as students from North Carolina. 

Why Wawa?

Wawa is one of my favorite spots in Williamsburg. Not only is it close to campus, but it's also open 24 hours a day, has delicious sandwiches, AND right now any size coffee is $1. Can't beat that. (Wawa if you're reading this, I'm now accepting sponsorship.)

Fun Facts
  • I have ridden in an elevator with Malia Obama and her secret service.
  • I can write with my toes. I'm left-handed but right-footed!
  • I am obsessed with FLAGS! Ask me about flags and I can talk about them for hours on end.