Joanna Hern├índez

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: Richmond, Virginia Metro Area, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and California
Email: [[jxhernandez]]

About Me:

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. I’m the younger of two sisters, which taught me important lessons such as: how to quickly identify and grab the “biggest half,” how to debate anything (no matter how meaningless) for up to 36 consecutive hours, and most importantly, how to make the most of your live-in best friend. When I was nine, my family moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia. I am so proud to have a bicultural, bilingual background and feel lucky to have the opportunity to explore my identity in many different contexts and homes! I double majored in Hispanic Studies and Sociology and spent some time post-graduation as a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs. Thrilliamsburg couldn’t keep me away, though, so I’m back and ready for all the House Dressing the Cheese Shop can offer!

Why W&M? Why W&M Admission?

“William & Mary isn’t for everybody, but it can be for anybody.” This phrase by one of my best friends and W&M graduate exemplifies what I felt when I walked around campus for the first time. I knew I belonged. William & Mary helped put language to my experiences, introduced me to friends I now call family, and equipped me to share my knowledge outside campus. Now I’m back as an Assistant Dean of Admission because I know how transformative this experience can be. I believe in this institution past and present, but more importantly, I believe in what it will be in the future. It’s an absolute dream to be a part of selecting and welcoming the next members of the Tribe!

What do I do for Admission?

I am the Regional Dean for the Richmond, Virginia Metro Area and Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and California. I am also part of the Multicultural Recruitment Team, On Campus Programming Team, and Marketing and Communications Team.

What’s with the picture?

The summer after I graduated high school I embarked on a month-long road trip around the country with another W&M alumnus and friend. We made it to 26 states, saw the most breathtaking sights, laughed so hard I had to take a nap (literally), and made it back with only a single mishap—a very gnarly but harmless black eye. That’s a map marking the states we visited and a few of my favorite treasures from along the way.

Fun facts:
  • I’m a Group Fitness Instructor! I teach Zumba® and BodyPump at William & Mary’s Campus Recreation Center.
  • When I was little we’d go to a particular park to see squirrels since they’re so rare in Mexico City. Now I still get excited and point them out, but no one else seems remotely enthused.
  • My favorite national holidays are: My Birthday, W&M Move-In, New Student Orientation, and Convocation.
Final note:

If you or your family would like to speak to someone in Spanish, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to help.

Si a usted o su familia le gustaría hablar con alguien en español, ¡no dude en comunicarse! Me encantaría ayudar.