Brad Harlan

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: New York and Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia
Email: [[bjharlan]]

Dean Harlan's Bio

Who am I?
I was born in Durham, NC, but was raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. As a Marylander, I can attest to the fact that, as is proclaimed in the movie Wedding Crashers, we do indeed excel in the fields of crab cakes and football (Go Ravens!). I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from The University of Michigan, where I spent my undergraduate years pursuing my passions for scientific research and the performing arts. Before coming to Williamsburg, I taught science and coached basketball at Southern Vance High School in Henderson, NC as part of the Teach for America program.

What’s with the photo?
I love all things sports, and agree with ESPN anchor Scott van Pelt’s statement that “sports are better than anything else, always.” I will watch and/or participate in just about any sporting event, and am a die-hard Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens and Washington Wizards fan. As is the case with any Orioles fan, I have an undying admiration for Cal Ripken, Jr., the greatest third baseman to ever play the game. One of the highlights of my life came on September 20, 1998, when I was in attendance for the game when Ripken ended his record streak of 2,632 consecutive games played. It was an unforgettable evening.

Why William & Mary
Take a moment to browse through the William & Mary website. Now look through the websites of the other schools you are considering applying to. Now kindly look back at us. See the difference? William & Mary provides one of the most engaging undergraduate experiences in the country, blending the research and global opportunities of a larger research university with the close-knit and personable environment of a smaller liberal arts school. As a William & Mary student, you will be challenged daily both inside and outside the classroom by both your world-class faculty and diverse classmates, all while being surrounded by the historical and aesthetic beauty of Williamsburg. Don’t believe me? Or is our website not enough to convince you? Then come and visit our campus anytime. We would be honored to host you, and are confident that you will soon fall in love with our school, as we all have.

Why Admission
As a teacher, one of my favorite things to do was to talk to my students about college. My undergraduate experience was such a transformative and important period in my life, and I wanted to help my students have the opportunity to experience something similar. After realizing how much I enjoyed this process, I decided that I wanted to take my interest in college admission to the next level. I’m now happy to call William & Mary my home, and am incredibly fortunate to get to work with such bright and curious students and their families on a daily basis.

What do I do for Admission?
If you are from New York, or from the Arlington and Alexandria areas of Virginia, then I have the privilege of reading your application. In addition, I work closely with our Tribe Ambassadors program, and am a member of both the On-Campus Programs and Marketing and Communications teams.

Fun Facts

  • I have a nephew named Kevin (or as we call him, K-Klo) and a niece named Vesper. They are the two cutest people in the history of the world.

  • As a college student I was a member of a few different performance groups. As a member of these groups, I had the privilege of performing across the country and around the globe in such places as New York, Florida, California, China, and Cuba.

  • My favorite musician is Stevie Wonder, and I maintain that Songs in the Key of Life is the greatest album ever made. If you get stressed at any point during the college admission process, give that album a listen. You’ll be glad you did.