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Tish Canady

Associate Dean of Admission/ Director of Diversity & Access

Region: Tidewater, Virginia and International Students- Asia, Middle East, Australia and the South Pacific
Email: [[nrlyte]]

Dean Canady's Bio
Who am I?

Home is Dyersburg, TN, though I've now lived in VA longer than I have any place other than Dyersburg. With that said, VA is now home. I graduated twice from Murray State University and found a passion in college admission immediately after graduate school. I've worked in admission at a medical school, undergraduate admission at William & Mary, and have even spent some years as a high school college counselor. I'm a wife, a grateful daughter, and my friends mean the world to me.

Why William & Mary?

Years ago a mentor told me, "...those people at W&M are doing it right. If you really want to learn how to be a great admissions person, you should go there." So I did. And she was right! I really appreciate William & Mary's approach to and outlook on higher education, access, and affordability as a VA public university. I respect our place in the landscape: a great small selective university, but all the while attainable. My ability to focus specifically on students from diverse backgrounds, is testament to the priority W&M places on diversity. And from that perspective, I've been able to see that W&M really is for everyone. Students who come here really do belong here.

Why Admission?

It's the gate. To everything. And I LOVE that. I have gotten to take part in offering up access to this amazing place to thousands of kids over the years. For some of those kids, they wanted to continue a legacy of higher education. For some others, this is the offer that changes the trajectory of their lives. How many careers allow you to say that?! And to really mean it and feel it.

What's the photo?

The photo is me in the hall outside of the admission session room. Every year, thousands of visitors enter the doors behind me and open their ears and their hearts to us. They sit in the room and hear us highlight all the ways W&M is special to us. I know that there are so many colleges they could have chosen to visit over us. To me it's an honor to get to meet each of them. 

What I do for admission

I am responsible for all things related to recruiting students from diverse backgrounds. It's the most rewarding and well-suited responsibility I have ever had. Working with students of color, first generation students, rural students, students who identify as LGBTQ, students of varying religious backgrounds, and all students whose stories reflect a diversity of experience energizes me. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Fun Facts
I collect cultural masks. One of them scares my cat daily. I can't figure out why he hasn't gotten used to it yet?