Sarah Kyle


Class of 2019
Beaverdam, VA
English with an American Studies minor
On-Campus Involvements: 
Employer Relations Assistant at the Cohen Career Center; Small Group Bible Study Leader in BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry); Peer Advising Program Vice President of Administration within the Office of Academic Advising; W&M TEDx Logistics Manager; English Conversation Partner; Tribe Ambassador within the Admission Office

Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

I chose to attend W&M because of the location, specifically its proximity to Colonial Williamsburg (CW). I fell in love with Williamsburg in the 2nd grade when my family visited CW. On that trip, when my parents mentioned the nearby College of William & Mary, I boldly announced that I was going to go to college there. I stood by that decision all through middle and high school as I researched more into W&M's incredible academics, student to professor ratio, and focus on integrating courses under the COLL curriculum. In short, I chose William & Mary because it is beautiful on the outside and empowering within.

What is your go to Cheese Shop order?

Definitely smoked turkey with provolone cheese, sprouts, and House Dressing on foccocia :)


I have worked on a movie set!