Nura Mariscal del Moral


Class of 2018
Fredericksburg, VA
Kinesiology & Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy
On-Campus Involvements: 
Resident Assistant for W&M Residence Life in the Hispanic House; Multicultural Recruitment Intern within the Admission Office; WMSURE Scholar; member of Lambda Alliance; currently becoming a certified yoga instructor through the Shanti Garudasana Yoga School

Why did you choose to attend William & Mary?

There are many reasons why I chose W&M, but the main reason is that everyone has always been incredibly supportive throughout my W&M journey. As an immigrant and first generation college student, college can seem pretty daunting. However, I've found that whether it's through Residence Life as a Residence Assistant, at the Admission Office as a Multicultural Recruitment Intern, in the D.C. office trying to figure out my career, or in the cadaver lab as part of my academic curriculum, everyone has continuously encouraged me. As a result of this support, from students, faculty and staff members, and alumni, I have been a part of many extraordinary experiences at William & Mary.

What is your go to Cheese Shop order?

Prosciutto on focaccia with provolone & roasted tomatoes with House Dressing.


Through the William & Mary D.C. Summer Institute program, I spent last summer living and studying in D.C while also pursuing an internship. I interned for the Dream Project, which assists undocumented students in pursuing higher education through scholarships, mentoring, advocacy, and family engagement. Lastly, while in D.C I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow at a physical therapy clinic where I found my passion and love for women's health. Being a part of the D.C. program was an experience I will never forget and I strongly encourage everyone to do it!